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Qualities that Recruiters look for in candidates

Whenever you are called for a job interview, you always prepare yourself to offer the best before the recruiting team. The recruiters often have the specific qualities that they aim at testing whether you possess. Though these may differ depending on the industry, company, job, candidate, or the employer, there are some common qualities that recruiters always appreciate to find in their employees. Having have had prior experience with good as well as bad employees, recruiters possess a pretty good idea of the quality, taste, and character of the employees they want. Here are some of the typical attributes that employers look for in a candidate, and which will make you a valuable commodity in the field regardless of the industry or pay grade.


Integrity is utterly an essential attribute that defines a productive person. Recruiters would appreciate having an employee with real sense of integrity.interview session This is solely a person who is admirably honest with their self and in relating with others. This is also a person who has no problems admitting their strengths and weaknesses, and who portrays loyalty to the employer without any criticisms.


Competence is the foundation of every success. Having on board a candidate who is entirely competent in their job duties is the joy of any recruiter. This is someone who has the know-how of what, how, and when a task needs to be done. Besides, such a candidate is able to learn quickly in different environments.

Passion and Ambition

Recruiters would always prefer a candidate who expresses a lot of interest in the position and one who dreams of building his/her long-term career with the company. Such candidates depict their ambition like say, by listing their achievements that exceed their goals. Recruiters are also happy about employees who are passionate about their job, the company, as well as the products and services offered.


displaying qualificationsRecruiters show interests in the self-motivation of a candidate. They always prefer an employee who never needs to be pushed or reminded to perform a certain task. As a recruiter, you should ensure that you find out the extent of self-motivation that a candidate has during an interview.


The attribute of being reliable shows the recruiter what to expect from you in the future. By no doubt, all recruiters prefer having someone that can be trusted and relied on regardless of the circumstances. You should show your reliability to your employer by sending your resume, turning up for interviews early, providing timely feedback on the required information or documentation.…