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Tips for Identifying Job Search Scams

In the contemporary world of online and social media marketing, job seekers have also shifted their attention to online platforms for job search. Job seekers have been reported to spend much of their time searching and applying for jobs in online platforms. This has, however, not come without disadvantages too. Some often fall victim of online scams where the scammers request for their personal contact information or money in exchange for false leads.

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? Have you ever wondered whether a particular job posting is genuine of a scam? Well, it’s true thatscam sometimes it’s hard to tell the authenticity of an online job posting. When one falls victim of online fraud, it can be disastrous to their confidentiality and information security. That’s why you need to be smart and savvy regarding giving out personal information or money online. Below we provide a couple of tip-offs that would help you differentiate fake job offers from scam postings.

Ensure you verify job postings before applying

Do not become a victim of job scams. Always verify the authenticity of a job listing before making any application. Often, job scams use names of real companies to advertise their scam. When you find a job posting on the standard search engines about a particular company, it is advisable to visit the main career page of the company and confirm from their own website’s job postings to ascertain that the job actually exists. If it doesn’t exist, it might be a scam. If no such company name exists at all, don’t value the posting’s credibility and do not apply for that job.

Always know the most common job scams

Normally, the most common job scams focus on some specific job types; data entry, shipping management, forms processing, money movement, and pyramid sales schemes. Some seem to offer a lot of money for every minute jobs since they only aim at collecting information from you. Always stay abreast with the common scams when applying for jobs to avoid falling into such traps.

Always trust your guts

social-media scamsTo stay away from job scammers, it is advisable to always trust your gut. If something sounds too good to be true, then definitely it is. Job scammers often promise crazy offers since they believe job seekers are desperate. If the pay rate being offered doesn’t match the value for money for the particular job, consider it a red flag.

Learn to identify Job scammers

Have you ever received any call from a person purporting to offer you a job you never applied for? Then that was probably a scam. Ordinarily, reputable recruiters don’t just contact job seekers who never applied for jobs to offer them jobs. Such behavior is evident in scammers who tend to lure you into providing money for your confidential information.…

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Qualities that Recruiters look for in candidates

Whenever you are called for a job interview, you always prepare yourself to offer the best before the recruiting team. The recruiters often have the specific qualities that they aim at testing whether you possess. Though these may differ depending on the industry, company, job, candidate, or the employer, there are some common qualities that recruiters always appreciate to find in their employees. Having have had prior experience with good as well as bad employees, recruiters possess a pretty good idea of the quality, taste, and character of the employees they want. Here are some of the typical attributes that employers look for in a candidate, and which will make you a valuable commodity in the field regardless of the industry or pay grade.


Integrity is utterly an essential attribute that defines a productive person. Recruiters would appreciate having an employee with real sense of integrity.interview session This is solely a person who is admirably honest with their self and in relating with others. This is also a person who has no problems admitting their strengths and weaknesses, and who portrays loyalty to the employer without any criticisms.


Competence is the foundation of every success. Having on board a candidate who is entirely competent in their job duties is the joy of any recruiter. This is someone who has the know-how of what, how, and when a task needs to be done. Besides, such a candidate is able to learn quickly in different environments.

Passion and Ambition

Recruiters would always prefer a candidate who expresses a lot of interest in the position and one who dreams of building his/her long-term career with the company. Such candidates depict their ambition like say, by listing their achievements that exceed their goals. Recruiters are also happy about employees who are passionate about their job, the company, as well as the products and services offered.


displaying qualificationsRecruiters show interests in the self-motivation of a candidate. They always prefer an employee who never needs to be pushed or reminded to perform a certain task. As a recruiter, you should ensure that you find out the extent of self-motivation that a candidate has during an interview.


The attribute of being reliable shows the recruiter what to expect from you in the future. By no doubt, all recruiters prefer having someone that can be trusted and relied on regardless of the circumstances. You should show your reliability to your employer by sending your resume, turning up for interviews early, providing timely feedback on the required information or documentation.…